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Interstate Trucking Academy

The ITA offers the most comprehensive education and training program available in the Northwest.  Our curriculum incorporates the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Transportations’ Federal Highway Administration and meets the higher- level curriculum standards required by the Professional Truck Drivers Institute (PTD).  Our curriculum takes you through an introduction to the trucking industry, assist you in preparing for and obtaining your CDL permit, teaches both by classroom instruction and hands-on experience with our own state of the art fleet of trucks and experienced teaching staff.  Upon completion of the Academy, you will have obtained your CDL, have a basic understanding of the truck driving industry including vehicle systems, vehicle operations, speed management, night driving, handling cargo, emergency maneuvers among other things, and will be prepared to enter the workforce.

Our Team Is Highly Experienced in CDL Training and Preparing Students to Gain Their CDL and Enter the Truck Driving Profession

Mission Statement

Produce well‐trained entry‐level truck drivers and heavy equipment operators who can transition into gainful employment in their respective fields upon completion of the vocational training objectives.

Vision Statement

  • Interstate Trucking Academy, Inc. aspires to be a preeminent vocational institution which serves at a level of national quality, by maintaining our long‐term trend‐setting role within the trucking and heavy equipment industries.

  • ITA strives to excel and exceed the industry standard for vocational truck driver training and heavy equipment operator training, which will allow our graduates to achieve the maximum outcome: gainful employment.

  • ITA will continue to provide distinctive training programs for truck drivers and heavy equipment operators.

Core Values

  • Begin and end with the student in mind

  • Maintain a high level of integrity and ethical values

  • Be accountable for our actions and deliver the right result the first time

  • Maintain diversity and cultural sensitivity towards all people

  • Practice mutual respect and civility

  • Be a good neighbor and provide a positive contribution to our community

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